What I do

I like to share my experience, attitude and oppinios with readers of several magazines and e-magazines. 

Some of them you can find at the page "Articles - texts"

If you have some idea I might write about, please let me know... 

I´m the co-founder and director at yourchance o.p.s.

Besides the duties of the statutory representative, I´m mainly fundraising money to implement our projects, and being responsible for media communication

If there is an opportunity, for various audiences in our projects, I like to have panel discusion, workshops and lectures on leadership, entrepreneurship development, increasing interest in entrepreneurship and creating good financial habits.

Did you plan to look at the world as children do it? Me too ... and I added the necessary amount of courage and wrote a few stories on paper ...

I did not know that I was so excited that I would continue, and in time my fairy tales will be on CD and in books. 

A similar fate has met some of my poems, so you can read them in book or electronic form.