​I believe...

I believe in the Lord and Jesus, our Savior. My faith is the cornerstone for everything I do. It is the anchor in stormy times, the signpost at the crossroad, a water well in the desert, an inspiration, a source of wisdom...

And from another point of view even a competitive advantage - especially in certainty for my business partners knowing what kind of values are important for me, so they can easily guess what to expect from me.

I am an active member of the Christian business people group Primenet and the LeaderImpact Group.

My life values 


I believe in the Lord, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Jesus is the only way to heaven, the only Savior. My faith and acts are in harmony. I pray for salvation of my friends.


I fully use my abilities in favor of people in my sphere of influence. I make right things happened.

I encouradge and motivete my followers. I´m the example for them. I give them the best advices I can. I always look for the potencial and qualities in people around me.


My heart is open to my family members. I work on good family relationships. I find solution to conflicts.


Knowledge is a treasure which I have. I study regulary, I grow in my profession, I gain general knowledge and I master languages.


Love gives me strenth to forgive. I strive for agape love by Kor.13

I love the Lord. I love and respect myself just like I do others. I show my love to others by my acts.


I´m loyal to my family and friends. I´m loyal to my business partners. Loyalty is more the immediate benefit.


I take care of my physical, mental and spiritual health.


Talent for writing is a gift from the Lord and I´m responsible to use it and develop it. I regulary publish my new work (fary-tales, stories...)


I actively participate in charity projects. I´m willing to give my time, not just money.

I involve the people in my sphere of influence in charity activities.