My husband and sons

Our "Yes" to God and witnesses we said 5.7.2003. Since then, we've had many beautiful years, as well as years of testing our faith and character.

My husband has my respect for how he devotedly serves God and how he shows me his love, how willing and helpful he is. I admire him, and I am deeply grateful for his acceptance of my role as Michal´s and Emil´s mom.

I feel beside him very freely, and yet in such an incredibly strong bond. I can realize my dreams and life's mission while feeling a beloved wife.

Our relationship is God's gift to me and I hope for him as well.


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I did not give him life, but I opened my heart to him. One day Michal said about me: "This is my Mom." And I took this role with the fullness of that word.

We were experiencing difficulties associated with the early adulthood, mental maturation and self-seeking, returning to school benches, and coping with the complicated past. But we also enjoy the joy of little things, little progress and visible achievements. We spend the time together active, productive, but even when we are just together.


Together, it took us a wish card hanging on a Christmas tree where he wrote that he wanted football shoes and a ball ...

When he told me for the first time that he wanted a mother like me, I refused. When he repeated his wish later, I found the reasons why it was not possible.

And then he stopped asking. The sms said: "Hi Mom, how are you?" My heart stopped defending itself. It took Emil some more time to leave the children's home, and my surroundings are getting used to, but thank God for blessing me with this experience. It is a great gift.